CDS holding s. r. o.

Welcome to the website of mechanical engineering company CDS holding Ltd. We produce especially components and machinery units for manufacturing and agricultural productions. We design, develope and deliver top-quality and precisely tooled structures.

CDS holding is located in Český Dub by the German and Polish border near Liberec. The strategic position of, and easy access to, our company makes it possible for us to sell metal components from the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland at a good price.

Why CDS?

Our customers choose CDS holding because of our:

  • Reliability and top-quality
  • Long tradition
  • Experience
  • Strategic position.

We cooperate with EU experts in education of our emlployees

CDS holding has activly joined to EU project "Human recources and employment OP), call Nr. 92 - EDUCA 2012.
Main project task consists in increase the qualification level, professional skills and knowlingement of our employees and enable employers´ to increase the competetiveness of subjects in chosen CZ-NACE. This call is orientated for support of specifical education.

Project lasting: 1.5.2013 - 31.7.2014
Registr. request Nr. for assign subsidies to our company: CZ.1.04/1.1.04/92.00064
This project has been subsidied by European Social Fund


News from CDS

Actual information from the plant, we have new baby TruLaser 1030 Fiber!

TruLaser 1030 fiber

Our customers

CDS holding produce for the following satisfied partners in particular:

STILL GmbH. KION Group Linde MH Meiller - kipper Froude Hofmann ESMO A.G. Clemessy Fenestra Wieden Armáda České republiky Technická univerzita v Liberci

Contact us

For more information, please write or call.

  • Ms. Daniela Kralova
  • Phone: +420 482 427 202
  • Email:

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