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Jaroslav Hátle, Managing Director of CDS holding s.r.o.

Jaroslav Hatle (EN, RU)

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Libuše Hátlová

Libuse Hatlova (DE, RU)

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Tomáš Hátle

Tomas Hatle (EN)
Managing director & Q - manager

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Jaroslav Hátle ml.

Jaroslav Hátle (EN, DE, SP, RU)
Sales manager & Chief financial officer

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History of CDS holding s.r.o.

Český Dub is a small town located in the beautiful landscape in Northern Bohemia, in the very heart of the region below Mount Ještěd, approximately 50 kilometres from the border with Germany and Poland. The oldest written record about Český Dub dates from the second half of the 13th century when Český Dub obtained freedom of the town.

Pre-War Era

In 1811, Mr. and Mrs. František and Barbora Sluka founded a textile manufactory at the site of the current plant Auto Závod. In 1844, they sold it to Franz Schmitt. Under his management, the company experienced its biggest expansion. Between 1910 - 1913, the factory employed 2,200 workers. During the world economic crisis, the production gradually slowed down and finally stopped completely in 1931. Between 1936 - 1938, when the threats to the independence and integrity of the Czechoslovak Republic culminated, the factory buildings served as the barracks of motorized troops of the Czechoslovak Army. During the Nazi occupation, the factory was taken over by the Berlin company Tritonwerke that launched the production of polarization films between 1939 - 1944. Toward the end of 1944, the German Army started to build there a repair factory for military vehicles, which foreshadowed the future of the plant.

Postwar Era

After the end of WW II, the Czechoslovak Army took the plant over and converted it into a collection site of military material. Later on, the plant became a military repair plant and the repair program was being developed. Automobilní opravárenský závod Český Dub was thus established, specializing later on mainly in overhauls of Russian passenger all-terrain vehicles GAZ and UAZ. In 1960, a disassembly, renovation and assembly line of all-terrain vehicles was installed in the plant. The highest annual production was achieved during the years of 1970 - 1973 when 1,100 to 1,500 vehicles were assembled in the plant.


In the early 1990s, when the defense military industry underwent its conversion, it was decided to privatize the company. In 1992, the limited liability company Auto Závod Český Dub was founded. Decreasing military orders forced the plant management to search for other promising production programs. The program of modifications of passenger all-terrain vehicles UAZ 469 for the civil market was launched. It also included assembly of French and Italian diesel and turbodiesel engines. The production of towing vehicles on the chassis Ford Transit with several types of semi-trailers was started as well as the production of baker’s machines and palletizing systems.

Currently, the production of components for STILL WAGNER (parts of forklift trucks) represents the major production program of the company.


CDS holding has certified production quality according to the standard ISO 9001:2015, NATO standard AQAP 2110 and EN ISO 3834-2.

Certifikát QMS. Certifikát QMS pro svařovací procesy EN 3834-2:2006. Certifikát jakosti.

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